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Second hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack.

- Virginia Woolf

Annual Book Sale

March 17 and 18 in the Pace Library



Used books are always for sale in the Pace Library and at Alyssa's Antique Depot on Chumuckla Road. We are greatly appreciative of the help these folks give!


Book Sale Volunteers

There is not much that the Friends do that is more vital than the work performed by our volunteers at the book sale. But, unless you are already a part of the process, you might not know about all the work that goes on there. Here, then, is a primer on the Friends Booksale Operations and, of course, all the information you need about how you can become a part of it!

Some Important Facts
Where’s the storage unit? It is at Patriot Self Storage, 4384 Luther Fowler Road in Pace.

Books. Most of the books are donated from groups and individuals. You may drop off donated books at the Pace Library.

Once the books are at the storage unit, the unopened boxes are placed in a central location. From here, volunteers open each box and sort out the contents. Each book is taken to its place; signs show just where to put all the different types of books — fiction, biography, literature, children’s, history, reference, how-to, science, cook books, audio/visual, and on and on. This part of the process is hard work, but, if you enjoy working with books, the hardest part is keeping to the task when you are working with a particularly great load of books. You never know what will be in each box!

Volunteers are needed for moving the books. Books are heavy, so strong backs are needed!

Sales Floor Help
We need people at the sale to browse the books and keep the tables orderly.

Disposition of Leftovers
Non-profit or service organizations may pick up leftovers at our big Annual Sale from 2-4 Saturday afternoon.



The policies below are for those items contributed at the library site. The Friends attempt to follow the same policies.


Donating Materials to the Library

The Santa Rosa County Library System appreciates the willingness of our citizens to donate materials to our libraries. We take pride in the quality of our collections in our quest to provide excellent and accessible collections for all SRC citizens. Standard selection guidelines are used to evaluate both purchased and donated materials for our collections. When donated materials are received, the library retains unconditional ownership of them and makes the final decision on their acceptance, use, and disposition. Materials that are unsuitable for library collections are given to Friends of the Library groups to sell for benefit to the library, or disposed of otherwise.

Library collection items must withstand heavy use for circulating, and many book store and book club editions are not suitable. Libraries do not have space or manpower to manage and store donated materials that can not be used in our collections or sold in book sales. Therefore, we will not accept the following items:
  • Books or AV materials in poor physical condition (damaged, soiled, mildewed, molded, water damaged, written markings, insect stains or excrement, brown or frayed edges, bad cases)
  • Non-Fiction Books that are more than three years old
  • Books with poor quality print, outdated illustrations, or weak bindings
  • Incomplete sets of books or AV materials
  • Encyclopedias
  • Readers Digest Condensed books
  • Text books in any subject area
  • Magazines
  • Materials that have been withdrawn from other libraries
  • Computer software




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