Hotels in Floridatown 

The Floridatown Hotel in 1909

This may have been the same building later named the "The Hotel Comfort," 1914, and also "Bayview," 1915-1920.

From the Milton Gazette

1914: "The Hotel Comfort of Floridatown, will commence the season with a Grand Opening, Friday, June 19th, 1914. The following program has been arranged for the day: Dinner from 12:20 until 2:00 p. m. Music and dancing from 3:00 p. m. until 6 p.m. Supper from 6:30 until 8:00 p. m. Dancing from 8:00 p. m. until 11:00 p.m. Bathing, fishing and boating from 2:00 p. m. until 11:00 p. m.

This offers a splendid opportunity to enjoy a delightful day's outing at one of Florida's most delightful Summer Resorts. Come out and enjoy the day where Nature has displayed her highest art in making a pleasant play-ground for young and old.

Good order will be preserved on the grounds."

1914: "The improvements that have been made by Mr. Hardee at the Bayview Hotel are attracting much attention and causing favorable comment. The water works, lavatories and other modern conveniences add much to the comfort of the guests. The big hotel has been painted inside and is now one of the most attractive hostelries on the gulf coast."

1915: "He expects to build a two-story pavilion out over the bay that will be dedicated to amusements. The first story will consist of bath apartments equipped on the most modern, up-to-date lines, while the upper story will consist of a dancing and lounging pavilion. Mr. Hardee is a firm believer in the future possibilities of Floridatown as a pleasure resort, and expects to devote a good deal of time and money in meeting Nature in making this one of the most delightful resorts in West Florida."


Another Floridatown Hotel (location unknown)

From the Milton Gazette

1915: "The new Dilger Hotel will be thrown open to the public May 1. This is to be one of the best hotels in the gulf coast country. Thus Floridatown will shortly posses two modern resort hotels. "

"Work on the beautiful and commodious Dilger Hotel is progressing rapidly, the building being almost ready for the work of shingling. This hotel promises much for Florldatown, it being both comfortable and convenient.The building will contain a store room, parvilion, cloak room, ice cream parlor atid servant's room down stairs. There will be six model bed rooms and two up-to-date sleeping porches up stairs while a roomy hallway will run through the center of both stories with inside stairway beautifully finished to add to the general appearance and convenience of the building. Mr. R. L. Dilger, the owner, expects to have the hotel completed in ample time to handle his share of the spring and summer business.

"Mr. R. L. Dilger, proprietor of the New Dilger Hotel, has received his splendid electric lighting plant and is installing it at his hotel. He is also arranging a splendid water system for his property."

"The Dilger Hotel opened most auspiciously last Wednesday and is fully prepared to give the public accommodations such as will satisfy the most exacting. The opening ball was attended by several hundred people from different parts of the country, a large number having come from Milton and Pensacola. In connection with the new hotel Mr. Dilger will operate a fancy grocery store and confectionery store of considerable proportions."


The Allen Hotel, 1920

Also from the Milton Gazette

"It will come as a matter of good news to the pleasure seekers of this locality that Mr. W. J. Allen of this city has just closed a deal for the former J. D. C. Newton cottage and block on the bay front at Floridatown, as well as some adjacent bay front lots, and expects to develop the same into a modern up-to-date pleasure resort.

This pavilion will have a large open area in the center that may be used for dancing, or possible roller skating, while on either side of it will be bathing rooms, one side for ladies and the other for gentlemen. Extending from this pavilion will be a cement wharf extending out to deep water, which will enable bathers to enjoy the excellent bathing offered at this well known resort. In addition to the buildings which Mr. Allen is erecting he is having the bottom of the bay thoroughly combed, and removing any obstruction which might interfere with the pleasure of the bathers. When completed this will be one of the finest resorts in West Florida, and should add much to the enjoyment of the hundreds of visitors who daily frequent this attractive spot."

(Photographs courtesy of The Penton Collection, Anne Penton Pinckard and Joyce Penton Schnoor)


 The final hotel, the Andrew Jackson

This Floridatown Hotel was built in 1925, torn down in 1966. It was first named the Floridatown Hotel, but later changed to the Andrew Jackson Hotel.

(Photograph courtesy of Myrtle Weekley)  

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