Native American Artifacts

Thanks to Myrtle Lee Weekley for letting us photograph these artifacts. The artifacts were collected over a period of years by Myrtle and Gilbert Weekley. Photographer: Terry Crago

#13: Projectile Point found near Trout Bayou on Escambia Bay
#23-27: Pottery
Cooking Stone
Another Cooking Stone
An animal skin was placed in a hollow in the ground, fur side down. The skin was filled with water. These cooking stones were first heated in the fire, then dropped into the skin holding water. The stones heated the water; then meat, roots and herbs could be added, and these would cook. More hot stones could be added as the water cooled.

#3: Pipe Stem (Historic) found near the confluence of Indian Bayou, Trout Bayou, and Escambia Bay. #7: Olive Jar Pottery Fragment (Historic) found near Indian Bayou. #10: Arrow Point found between Trout Bayou and Indian Bayou on the Bay side. #12: Hammerstone (tool) found near Indian Bayou. #19: Projectile found in Floridatown in 1991.


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