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Click Here for FPAL MEETING MINUTES, January 10, 2017

Click Here for FPAL MEETING MINUTES, November 8, 2016


Call to Order:
President Mary Jane called the meeting to order at 5:30.
Roll Call:
Board members present:
Jennifer Richardson, Amy Brinkerhoff, Ferryn Twarkins, Ann Callender, Mary Green, Kurt Norris, Pat Watson, Tom Twarkins. Becky Swope. Also present were: Bailey Terry, Colleen Lester, Fred Swope and Terri Urquhart.
Minutes: Amy
Motion to approve minutes was made by Mary Jane and seconded by Jennifer and passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Ferryn
Account balances through July 31, 2016
Checking= $6898.71
Amazon Smile checking =$75.55
Savings =$7624.30
Alyssa’s (two months) = $411.74
Pace Library=$764.87
Motion to approve treasurer’s report made by Jennifer and seconded by Mary Green and passed.

Terri Urquhart:
Circulation continues to increase even though we are the fourth smallest of the five libraries. The county maintenance crew has been doing exterior cleaning of the building. The AWE stations continue to be extremely popular with our young patrons. The Book Chat Book Club met for the first time. The Local Authors and Artisans program is September 16th. Terri is serving the participants lunch and has asked for volunteers to donate food for this event. The County has a Facebook page which can help us advertise our events, Jennifer will coordinate these efforts. Terri also reported that book donations have been down. The children’ summer book sale was very successful ($764.00) so much that if she had more quality books, it could have been extended another week or so. Terri stated that in the past she started putting donated books aside for the summer sale in December but will start earlier this year.

Old Business:
Amazon Smile book marks have been distributed to board members but we still have more to distribute. Ferryn suggested putting them in Christmas cards, birthday cards, and asking merchants if we can leave some for their customers. Jennifer will also contact the school libraries to see if they can distribute bookmarks for us, too. Our Amazon Smile account has increase since the bookmarks were distributed. Jennifer said that Amazon has begun to prompt customers to use Smile so that may have contributed to the increase as well.
We received a thank you card from Margaret Chatraw, SRCLS Youth Services Coordinator for our assistance with the Summer Reading Kick-off event.

New Business:
Loss of space at Alyssa’s means we have to vacate before September 1. August 29th was determined to be the date to move out and the following people volunteered to help with this project: Becky & Fred Swope, Mary Jane, Ferryn and Mary Green. They will meet at Alyssa’s at 9 and also discuss with her at that time about the offer to still have a shelf for us to use. Some of the shelving in our space is Alyssa’s and some is ours. The consensus was to leave our shelving since we don’t really have a place to store it and it is attached. This can be evaluated on moving day and changes to this plan can be determined by the volunteers on site.

Alyssa mentioned to Jennifer that we could have a space at the Outdoor Market taking place on September 9th. Much discussion ended with the decision not to participate in this event due to the logistics of moving books, borrowing and moving tables, and the weather.

After a lengthy discussion we came to the consensus that will have our next book sale in the library, noting it will be much smaller and with limited categories. The categories may just include fiction/non-fiction, cooking and faith/inspiration for example. Terri will get with us about available dates in the Feb/March time frame since the room isn’t available until after Storytime has concluded. Book sorting for this sale will be coordinated at our November meeting. We will try to get volunteers from high school students needing volunteer hours if we can’t get assistance from the Navy folks who have assisted us in the past. We will continue to accept donations and purge what needs to go to Goodwill.

Alternate financing suggestions included looking into grants and selling items on e-bay. No one wanted to head up the effort to sell items on ebay when asked. Tom stated there are many grants available but it would take a great deal of research to find one that fits our need. Most grants are given to allow an organization to fund a specific project and we are more in need to supplement our budget at this time.

This meeting was held in lieu of our regularly scheduled September meeting because of the need to discuss the loss of space at Alyssa’s. Our next meeting will be November 8th per our normal schedule.

Motion to adjourn was made by Ferryn and seconded by Mary Green at 6:39.

Minutes submitted and approved as written/corrected. Amy Brinkerhoff, Secretary
Mary Jane Yarrington, President



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